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  • Mundipharma Middle East website design

    Mundipharma Middle East

    Website design

  • Mundipharma Middle East website design

    Mundipharma Middle East

    Website design

  • Mundipharma Middle East website design

    Mundipharma Middle East

    Website design

MundiPharma is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Singapore. Their regional arm for the Middle East had wanted a transitional website before a new global site was rolled-out. .

The website design had to be based on the website that HQ in Singapore was using at that time, which would also accommodate (right-to-left) Arabic language. For that purpose, a complete template had to be developed from scratch, as no source files were shared by the client.


November 2015


MundiPharma Middle East

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Marketing managers often find themselves between the rock and a hard place.

Their budgets do not allow them to use services of big international agencies, and at the same time, they are often short on resources that could provide them with essential marketing aspects such as creative graphic design, digital online presence, events or integrated marketing communications.

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